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It is beyond any doubt that in today’s time, technological advancements have paved its way into every field present across the globe. Be it be shopping, traveling, education, business, and much more! In addition to this, technology has also helped people to lead a peaceful and easy life. One such product that assists people on a day-to-day basis is a payment card. One of the very prominent payment cards is the Target Gift Card. So, what is a Target Gift Card? It is a prepaid card that allows its users to use it in order to make a payment. The card is widely accepted by almost every establishment, including shopping centers, online portals, fuel stations, and many more places.

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How does MyBalanceNow come into the picture?

As mentioned above, Target is a prepaid gift card and requires a balance to go ahead with your purchase or payment. Therefore, every now and then, a need to check the balance shall arise to know whether there is a deficit or not to make a successful payment. MyBalanceNow makes it easier for you to check the balance of your prepaid gift card. You do not have to visit one of the nearby stores every time you need to know the current balance of your Target Gift Card. The users could simply visit www.mybalancenow.com to check the balance in their Target Gift Card, being at the comfort of their home. One could, by visiting the website, not only know the balance in their Gift Card but also manage the same in a simplified manner. The users, by visiting the webpage, could know everything about their account and manage the payments accordingly.

Let’s understand more about the Target and the Target Prepaid Gift Card

There are times when one becomes indecisive as to what to gift another person on different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, winning at the games, etc. That is when the new trend comes to the rescue of the indecisive ones. The new trend has brought about an introduction to the gifting regimes; it is known as a “Gift Card.” It is a very appropriate gift for any age-group as the person could use it to make a purchase or make a payment at the Target store near them.

Target, a retail chain located in the United States of America, is a very popular one-stop outlet that offers almost every product that a person could require. In addition to this, it is famous for its extraordinary gift items. It is pertinent to mention here that they offer women’s and men’s clothing such as jeans, socks, pants, cuff-links, shorts, jackets, t-shirts, shirts, and much more. Their collection also includes baby items, sportswear items, and other day-to-day used items.

The above facts make it evident that having with yourself the Target Prepaid Gift Card is nothing but advantageous to everyone. The Gift Card could be used n number of times as there is no limit fixed to it. One can also continue to use the card once the amount becomes zero, by recharging it online or in-store. This is when www.mybalancenow.com comes into the picture. The user could, in an easy manner, check their remaining balance, recharge the card, manage the payments, and much more.

Registration MethodOnline: Simple registration on the website
AdvantagesCheck balance easily and manage your account accordingly
EligibilityAny person who has the possession of the Target Prepaid Gift Card

So, why go for the Target Gift Card? Here are it’s amazing features and benefits!

By now, you must be clear about the vague idea of how Target Prepaid Gift Card and MyBalanceNow works. But, for further clarity, here are some of its features and benefits you could avail:

  • The user could buy not only groceries but also every other item with the help of this card. The purchase could be made in-store as well as through its online portal.
  • The user of this card could also use it everywhere the Visa Debit Card or the Debit MasterCard is accepted. It is also pertinent to mention here that the United States widely accepts both of the above-mentioned cards.
  • The user of this card does not need to give out personal details as the same is not a credit or a debit card; it is a mere gift card that is being used to make the payments at the Target stores.
  • There are no hidden charges attached to the payments made via the Target Gift Card as you only pay the amount that is billed, and the same gets deducted from the total value present in the users’ card.
  • The balance does not expire on any particular date. It means that even if your card expires, i.e., on the date mentioned on your card, the same gets credited to the new card you obtain from the store.
  • The card could easily be replaced by putting in a request for the same without incurring an additional fee. The requirement to get the replacements may arise in the case of expiration, the card being stolen or lost. In addition to this, the replaced card shall have the credit balance of the amount remaining in the users’ previous expired/stolen/lost card.

Here are the basic requirements one need to fulfill to access the Target Gift Card online:

  • 16 digit Target Gift Card number.
  • Expiration date (MM/YY) mentioned on the card.
  • The three-digit CVV number mentioned on the back-side of the Target Gift Card.

Lastly, there are certain guidelines to keep in mind when you use the Target Gift Card:

There is no doubt that the Target Prepaid Gift Card has a lot of advantages. Yet, there are certain limitations attached to it. The same are as follows:

  • The balance you carry in your card cannot, in any way, be transferred to some other card.
  • It being a gift card could not be used at ATMs to withdraw cash. The card can only be used to make a purchase at the Target stores, be it in-store or online or any other place serving products from the Target store such as fuel pumps or a restaurant.
  • The card has jurisdictional limitations, which means that the same could only be used in the United States of America and the District of Columbia. It cannot be used in any other country.
  • If the balance in your card is low and the purchase amount is greater to that of the balance, the purchase made could either be canceled by the vendor or the vendor could hold your card for a period of 7 days till the transaction gets an approval.

Final Words

Target Prepaid Gift Card, combined with the easement provided by www.mybalancenow.com, is a great gift for any age-group with a number of advantages. MyBalanceNow makes it easier for the user to continue to enjoy a smooth purchasing experience.

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  1. I recently got a refund on eBay using a target visa gift card, unfortunately the funds have been returned through PayPal. I don’t have any access to the returned money.

  2. target forgot to active my card. When I try to enter here, or on the phone, it tells me “sorry I didn’t get that” then asks me to try again.

  3. Your target Visa card is BS. You make it impossible to get your balance. The ph no led us to sell account . That tried to sell car ins, medic alert,mental and many others. I will urge every one to not purchase anything at Target, as they have no respect for their customers.

  4. UMMM target legit stole my money. I bought something and I later I canceled the purchase and I didn’t get my money back or receive anything so target better be sending me 50 dollars.

  5. i bought a $50 gift card at target today and my card got hacked as of today before i even used it so i went back to target and they said to contact you guys… is there any way i could get the money refunded to me at all?


  6. My spouse of 31 years passed away on August 23, 2020. While going through her things for donations I came upon an assortment of gift cards, this Target Visaamong them. However, it expired on 4-21 of this year. It nothing remaining on card then fine, but if there is a worthy balance and a possible grace period it would be nice.

  7. I am trying to use my card online and it is saying that it “cannot process card” and told me to contact the card provider.


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