“Incentives, Insurance and Chinese whispers”

The Supreme Court has destroyed the economics of Covid-19 testing   I mean.  The (Indian) Supreme Court on Wednesday directed the central government to ensure that tests to detect covid-19 are provided free of charge to all Indians.   In an interim order, the court said that the Centre should immediately direct all approved diagnostic … Read more “Incentives, Insurance and Chinese whispers”

“India, US and Feedback Loops”

If you recall, in yesterday’s edition of this newsletter, we wrote about how the United States is expanding its efforts to stockpile huge amounts of a drug called Hydroxychloroquine. To recap:  Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat malaria.  There’s scant evidence that it’s effective in treating Covid-19, but the Trump administration is heavily pushing it as … Read more “India, US and Feedback Loops”