How ANI quietly built a monopoly

28 June 2017. The Election Commission announced it would reveal the schedule for the vice-presidential elections at a press conference the next morning. Naturally, every major TV channel covered it, beaming the news to millions of viewers. Interestingly, none of them were allowed a camera in the room. 28 September 2018. Again, another major government … Read more How ANI quietly built a monopoly

India’s Save The Internet breaks up

The resignations came in quick succession. Both, planned. Kiran Jonnalagadda went first. Resigning from the board of trustees at Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), an Internet advocacy nonprofit. On 28 August. Via an email to the trustees, sent at 23:08. Nikhil Pahwa* followed an hour later. Resigning from his position as chairman of IFF. In an … Read more India’s Save The Internet breaks up

Cracks show after just a month of Ayushman Bharat

Touted as the world’s largest health insurance scheme, the Indian government’s Ayushman Bharat programme was never going to be easy to implement. The team tasked with its roll out knew this when it was first announced in February 2018. How would the Centre convince states, especially those which already had similar schemes in place, to … Read more Cracks show after just a month of Ayushman Bharat

Monopoly and Medically-Induced Comas

Covid-19 lockdowns around the world are unlike any previous recessions we’ve seen. Because they’ve almost completely shut down both the demand and supply side of economies. What does a government attempt to fix when, under its own diktat, most businesses and factories shut and most workers and citizens are confined to their homes? A morbid … Read more Monopoly and Medically-Induced Comas